Coronavirus in Catalonia: Last minute of the number of covid cases

The coronavirus begins to affect hospitals in terms of greater health tension. They have gone from 951 people admitted with covid since Monday to 983, although the number of people in ICUs has decreased by two, from 33 to 31. The effects of Sant Jordi are already reflected in the latest data issued by Salut.

The virus reproduction index (the Rt, which marks the speed at which the virus reproduces) remains at 1.18 and the regrowth risk It has also risen significantly: it goes from 313 to 355.

The number of deceased by covid in the entire epidemic amounts to 27,190, 22 of them communicated in the last four days.

Other indicators

The cumulative incidence at 14 days rises from 290 to 329 and the seven-day from 154 to 174.

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Salut, like the Ministry of Health, now communicates the data twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) and diagnostic tests have come to focus on most vulnerable people or seriously ill patients.

Also worrying is the positivity (the percentage of diagnostic tests that are positive): it is at 17.11%, further and further from the 5% that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends to consider that the pandemic is under control.

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