Coronavirus in Catalonia: Last minute of the number of covid cases

The coronavirus continues to rebound in Catalonia, who already feels the effects of Easter and the removal of the masks indoor. The next few days will also notice the effects of the crowds of the Day of Sant Jordi.

The virus reproduction index (the Rt, which marks the speed at which the virus reproduces) already exceeded the point on Tuesday and according to this Friday’s data it continues to rise: it is at 1.39. The regrowth risk It has also gone up quickly and goes from 274 to 326.

The situation of the hospitals, however, continues to improve: the hospital ucis has 31 patients, one less than in the last balance and the lowest number since the epidemic began. According to data updated this Tuesday by Salut, today there are 940 people hospitalized for covid, 14 less than at last count.

Less hospitalized

The figures for hospitalized patients, both in the conventional ward and in the ICUs, continue to be the most reliable right now. Given that health authorities only update the data twice a week and far fewer diagnostic tests are performed, The figures shown are an approximation of what is happening. The same does not happen with the numbers of hospitalized people, which are a snapshot of the moment. And what they reflect is that, despite the fact that the virus is rising again, this is not having an impact on the hospital pressure, what is still low and being under control.

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The number of deceased by covid in the entire epidemic amounts to 27,145, 38 of them communicated in the last four days.

The 14-day cumulative incidence amounts to from 224 to 253 and that of seven days from 129 to 149. Salut, like the Ministry of Health, now communicates the data twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) and the diagnostic tests have come to concentrate on the most vulnerable people or seriously ill patients. Also worrying is the positivity (the percentage of diagnostic tests that are positive): it is 15.5%, far from the 5% that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends to consider that the pandemic is under control.

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