Guadalajara, Jal. Despite the difficult economic situation they faced during this year, 98% of the entity’s employers will pay the bonus to their workers in a timely manner, which will mean an economic benefit of 11,803 million pesos, a figure 15% higher than that of the 2020.

When presenting the Aguinaldos Study, the president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) Jalisco, Carlos Villaseñor, indicated that in 2021 the benefit was affected by factors such as temporary closures due to the pandemic.

“The economic spill of Christmas bonuses is a catalyst for development, exceeding the annual budget of any of the municipalities of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area,” said Villaseñor Franco.

“The municipality of Guadalajara is the one with the largest budget; the budget of Guadalajara will be hovering (in 2022) the 9,000 million pesos “, specified the leader of the employer’s organization.

He explained that of the 2% of the companies that will not pay the bonus, 1% corresponds to the businesses that closed their doors definitively and 1% of the economic units will make an agreement to deliver the benefit later.

According to the Coparmex survey, 26% of the companies surveyed closed temporarily this year; Most are small companies that correspond to the industry and services sectors, of which 71% have had operational and financial effects.

Meanwhile, of the 98% who will pay on time, 66% will give an amount equivalent to 15 days’ salary, which is what the law establishes, and the remaining 34% will give an amount higher than what is established.

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“It should be noted that 75% of the units will give additional bonuses such as a productivity bonus, a grocery basket, vouchers or savings funds,” indicated the leader of the employers’ union.


According to Villaseñor Franco, the recovery expectations for 2022 are positive, since 85% of the companies surveyed estimate that their operation and sales levels will be above those they had in 2019 before the Covid pandemic- 19.

“Confidence and the expectation of growth is higher for the state of Jalisco than in the national context, due to the decision-making of the federal government, security, fight against corruption and regulatory framework,” said the president of Coparmex.

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