Coparmex de Querétaro sees it necessary to guarantee energy supply to investors

Querétaro, Qro. Given the challenges faced by the state to guarantee the power supply, it is necessary that the supply conditions be provided for the new investments that arrive at the entity, said the expert in the matter and former president of the Energy Cluster of the state, Elisa Avila Requena.

The challenge is that the new companies have the certainty that energy will not be a limitation for their operation, stressed the also president of the Energy Commission at the Querétaro Business Center from Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex).

“The challenges is to be able to supply the input constantly, we have it, but to supply the new investments, to have the guarantee that the new companies that can settle in Querétaro can have growth without energy being a limitation for them. So we even talk about systems companies, there is one that is about to start operations. Without the energy issue they cannot operate ”, he stressed.

The installation of the Energy agency of the state – which will take office in 2022, until it has sufficient budget – is a positive action, considering that it will be governed with autonomy and that will allow it to have links with the private sector, highlighted Ávila Requena.

In the country, about 18 states have an office in an area specialized in energy, in some cases they are commissions, agencies or directorates. By having independence, he explained, it will allow him to have a larger field of action within the energy sector.

“Although I consider it to be a very good action, we have to strengthen the energy issue in the state if we want to continue attracting investment. The modality of being an agency, I would have liked it more for it to be a commission, but I knew that it will have independence (…) That independence will allow it to have a very wide field of action, because we know that it will only be dedicated to the energy issue, because if you depend on some other dependency, you will have to adapt to other work programs ”, he pointed out.

The specialist stressed that if the agency is in charge of studying and promoting forms of supply, from generation of clean energy to cogeneration, it will allow the state’s economy to maintain a growing trend and be an attractive investment.

Designating a profile as Mauricio Reyes Caracheo at the head of the agency, he referred, it is pertinent to visualize that there may be a direct relationship with instances such as the Federal electricity commission (CFE) –Where he has served as regional superintendent–, of the National Center for Energy Control (Prices) and the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

“The fact that this agency is created gives foreign investment the certainty of being able to continue considering Queretaro as a development pole, because important factors for the economy are the importance of the energy sector ”, he commented.

It is estimated that it will be from 2022 when the state agency comes into operation, since the budget for its operation will be integrated until the next fiscal year, as it is the economic package that will be designed by the incoming state administration.

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