Coparmex CDMX reaches new agreements to boost the local economy

The Employer Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) of the Mexico City announced that an agreement was reached with the local authorities to implement six new actions that help in the process of economic revival.

The president of Coparmex in the capital, Armando Zuniga Salinasindicated that this agreement derives from an open dialogue held this Wednesday with the head of the Secretariat of Administration and Finance of the Government of Mexico City, Luz Elena Gonzalez Escobar.

In that sense, he pointed out that the first agreement consists of the Private initiative will work in full coordination with the Government of Mexico City to continue promoting the economic reactivation of the city; second, the Coparmex as the authorities will share information on the dynamics and growth of employment, “in order to present a united and trustworthy front for investments.”

The third axis is that the Secretary of Administration and Finance The local government will support the reinstallation of the economic reactivation tables for the city’s tourism sector, while the fourth action focuses on setting up a work table between Coparmex Mexico City with the Secretaries of Finance, Economic Development and Environment to join forces and promote energy programs, such as Solar City.

As a fifth axis, work tables will be promoted with Bancomext Y Nafin to implement a support program to promote the export of SMEs; and finally, Coparmex will support the promotion of dialogue with entrepreneurs in the real estate sector.

“The purpose is to regulate the conversion of offices to homes, so that they are not occupied as simulated hotels and thus not generate a distortion in the lodging market,” said the capital’s business leader.

Zúñiga Salinas indicated that these agreements are the result of a series of proposals to promote economic reactivation.

At the same time, he described as positive that in the last local reactivation plan the proposal of the Coparmex Mexico City regarding the temporary removal of Payroll tax for start-up companies.


Luz Elena indicated that this year the central government will work to reach more agreements and that these be reflected in public policies that allow Mexico City to be the best entity to invest and create jobs.

“To Coparmex and the Government of Mexico City The same objective unites us: a full economic reactivation for the benefit of the inhabitants of the City”, he pointed out.

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