Coparmex CDMX plans to review the local budget scheduled for 2022 to buy more Covid-19 tests

Given the current pandemic scenario, the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) Mexico City stated that it is time to start reviewing the local budget scheduled for this 2022 and see if it is feasible to eliminate some superfluous projects or expenses to attend to the current emergency.

The head of the capital’s business body, Armando Zúñiga Salinas, explained that with these adjustments more resources could be injected to buy more Covid-19 tests, and increase sanitary measures in public spaces, for example, to place filters on public transport and thus avoid further contagion.

At the same time, he suggested that actions should be implemented to supervise the informal sector, since it operates without sanitary protocols.

“Those present are times of solidarity, of joint and coordinated work with the Government of Mexico City, to ensure the health of the people of the capital towards an accurate economic reactivation, in order to recover the little more than 130,000 jobs lost by the pandemic, to definitively help in the stability of the family economy,” he added.

Zúñiga Salinas also stated that they are in favor of the current vaccination strategy of the local government, however, he delved into the need to carry out tests.

“The local administration has done things well, however we also ask it not to give up on the work and commitment to identify the numbers of infections in the city, very relevant data for decision-making that the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP) ) has been doing professionally,” he said.

The foregoing, he indicated, is necessary to build action protocols “joint, reasonable and based on data evidence that allows us to now deal with this Omicron variant and others that are very likely to come from this pandemic.”

The business leader in the capital acknowledged that many small companies, given the economic difficulties and after nearly two years of the pandemic, currently do not have the possibility of absorbing the expenses involved in offering tests to their employees.

In this vein, he stated that it is positive that the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) has reactivated the Covid-19 Permit to process disabilities due to contagion of the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.


Zúñiga Salinas assured that the member companies of Coparmex in Mexico City are not currently requesting Covid-19 tests from their collaborators as a requirement for the continuity of work activity.

“It is essential to point out that companies have built and executed very solid protocols to take care of the health of our collaborators. For example, in the specific case of Coparmex, the companies monitor and directly test the workers, sanitizing and ventilating spaces, generating staggered hours and very importantly, facilitating everything necessary for the home office, in those sectors and lines of business. where they are possible, absorbing that and all other costs in order to prioritize people’s health, thus ensuring business continuity”, he pointed out.

work together

Zuñiga Salinas said that currently the private sector is working in collaboration with the Government of Mexico City, an example of this is the vaccination of educational personnel in different private university campuses in the capital.

“My acknowledgment and full thanks to Tec de Monterrey, ITAM, Ibero, La Salle University and UNITEC for their generous contribution to the vaccination service and thereby demonstrating that the path of collaboration between private initiative and government, it is possible,” he said.


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