Cooking up a storm at International Food Fest

They’re cooking up a storm this weekend at London’s Victoria Park.

Dozens of vendors and local restaurants have set up shop at this year’s International Food and Drink Festival.

The three-day event features food and drink, music and culture.

It’s one of the first festivals in London that’s back in operation since emerging from the pandemic.

Organizer Doug Hillier said it’s an opportunity for new restaurants to introduce themselves to the public.

“We have such a nice mix here in London, and we were able to showcase it, and after COVID, showcase all the new restaurants that have come in,” he said.

Gonzales, of Gonzalez BBQ restaurant on Hamilton Road, said he’s hoping people enjoy his Latino-style barbecue.

“So we have a new menu, old style,” he said. “We have chicken. Everything is marinated and seasoned in the Latino way.”

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