Conversations that Matter: All of life is a gamble

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“All of life is a gamble, all of it!” says Kamal Gupta, a man who has taken big risks throughout his life from him.

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He details them in his book Play It Right, the story of a young graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology who took a chance in the late 1980s and left India for the United States.

Gupta’s story is more than the story of an immigrant in search of the “American Dream.” His de him is a story of a man who took big risks.

After securing a well paying job in tech, he became bored. To alleviate his boredom from him, he became fascinated with blackjack. He was determined to master the game and win. And win, he did. He quit his job and became a professional gambler.

Two years later, he bet again and did two things he said he would never do — “work on Wall Street and live in New York; those were the promises I made to myself,” says Gupta. His journey to the top of the financial markets is fascinating and insightful.

Gupta joined a Conversation That Matters about the value and risks of taking changes and how not taking them is also a gamble.

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