The Deputy Mayor for Culture Barcelona, Jorge Marti, has described this Tuesday as “unlucky“The statements of the director of the high school, Victor Garcia de Gomar that in the presentation of the new building doors He said that they have to protect him from “people who shoot heroin or want to sleep here.”

In response to questions from journalists, Martí has ​​clarified that he is convinced that García de Gomar’s words “they have been a blunder and little more” and that he has said so personally.

a paradise in hell

García del Gomar stated on Monday, during the presentation ceremony for the new doors designed by James Plensa, that the Liceu is “paradise, but sometimes we meet hell” at the entrance.

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“It is necessary to protect this space so as not to be complicit in things that happen here, from people who take heroin, people who want to sleep here, situations like rape and prostitution“, he assured.

The Councilor for Culture responded that “cultural facilities have to be a mirror of what happens outside and closing everything is contrary to what seems logical“.

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