Construction of lines 4, 5 and 6 of the NL metro will cost 26,000 million pesos: Samuel García

Monterey, NL. In six years, lines 4, 5 and 6 of the subway will be built, with an investment of 26,000 million pesos; will be expanded and the operation of the routes will be improved and the Comprehensive Metropolitan Transit System (Sintram), because the finances of the state allow it, assured the governor of New Lion, Samuel Garcia Sepulveda.

Line 4 runs from the Palacio station to Santa Catarina; line 5 makes a junction with the Palacio station and reaches the south of Monterrey to the Mederos station and line 6 goes from Palacio to the municipality of Apodaca. With these works, 41 kilometers and 41 stations will be added.

The governor stressed that line 5 connects with the other two, and that line 6 will have a station in Parque Fundidora. In addition, the terminal in Apodaca will be very close to the International Airportwhich will become a logistics hub because it will have a double highway.

“We have a great dream and it is to have the mobility that we should always have, the challenge is enormous, but we are going to achieve it. In six years we are going to build more subways, stations and kilometers than what has been built in 34 years since it was created metroreywhich was in November 1987,” he said.

“Here we are giving a clear message to all of Nuevo León, that there is money and that it is enough when the corrupt and inept politicians that we had in Nuevo León do not steal it,” he emphasized.

For its part, Hernan Villareal Rodriguezowner of the Mobility secretaryreferred that the current service has an outdated design, which generates long lines, crowds, longer travel times and delays in activities, therefore, within the restructuring, the new Metro lines have been designed so that transport audience reaches where users need.

This will improve the operation so that there are more trucks circulating and passing more frequently, reducing waiting and transfer times, he explained.

Of the 800 gas units acquired by the Institute of Mobility and Accessibility, 100 units will begin to arrive from the month of April. However, they have had a delay in the arrival of the trucks due to the war between Russia and Ukrainehas caused saturation in the boats.

rate system

Samuel García asked the population to have patience and confidence in these projects, once the fourth wave of Covid-19. “Here there is a project, all transport has to be reconfigured, we have to re-plan a fare system, as is the case in large cities around the world.”

For his part, Hernán Villarreal Rodríguez, noted that they are looking for an integrated rate and to give some support to vulnerable people, without specifying what the cost of the integrated rate.

“We do not have a first and second city, the cost per kilometer increased in the international tender, which will have association with locals, the subway will have a competitive rate. The cost (of the works) went from 16,000 million pesos to 26,000 million pesos, we hope that the tender will help us to have more competitive costs”, Villarreal deepened.

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