Construction industry interrupts its recovery with a fall of 2.2% in October

Industry construction It had followed a negative trajectory since before the arrival of Covid-19 and despite being one of the first sectors to reactivate operations, its indicators remain showing problems.

During October 2020, the value of construction production in Mexico interrupted a modest recovery trend and fell 2.2% compared to the previous month. According to figures from the National Survey of Construction Companies (ENEC) of Inegi, there were also setbacks in employed personnel, total hours worked and a stagnation in the salaries of workers in the sector.

Total employed personnel in the construction industry contracted 0.3% in immediate comparison, while the hours worked by employed persons decreased 0.4 percent. The real average wages did not show any variation.

These labor changes within the sector affected more strongly the most qualified employees and workers who are not dependent on the company name; the salaries of employees fell 1.1% in this month alone, while the salaries of employees workers increased 0.8 percent.

In its year-on-year comparison, the construction industry did show a 5.1% recovery, despite this rebound in production and employment, dynamism continues to be weak.

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