Constitutionalist processism, by Astrid Barrio

The Constitutionalist ManifestoPromoted by prominent Catalan intellectuals and endorsed by some politicians or former politicians from the popular or citizen galaxy that first became known in Catalonia, it was presented after a few days in Madrid, surely where it seeks to obtain greater applause and support than those it has collected in Barcelona. And not because many Catalans do not share an equally pessimistic view of the political, economic and social situation in Catalonia and Barcelona, ​​because they do not feel uneasy about the erosion and discredit of institutions due to an unacceptable patrimonialization on the part of the independence movement or have an abominable vision of what the sovereign process has entailed, in particular of the ignominious breach of the legality of on September 6 and 7, 2017. And this is explained because being able to share the diagnosis can disagree with the prescription. Rather, one should disagree with the recipe when it does nothing more than replicate some of the behaviors and attitudes that are reported.

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