Yesterday ‘Save me ‘opened the program with the sad news of the death of Verónica Forqué, who was found lifeless yesterday at her home and the first investigations suggest that she could have committed suicide. The program had Dr. Martos on set to talk about mental health and gave way to calls from different colleagues of the beloved actress.

One of those who entered by phone was Concha Velasco, who was saddened by this hard moment. The actress made a very clear request to the program: “What happened is in the hands of her family, and I would not like you to speak ill of her while I am present“.

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“This is not the time to cry but to praise the great actress and the great person she was,” said Concha, referring to the depression that Forqué went through: “If he was having a bad time? Well, we all went through it, but she deserves to be remembered for what she was, one of the great actresses of this country“, he stressed.

“I was seeing her lately in ‘Masterchef’ and I saw that I had no strength “, recognized Concha, who pointed out: “But I don’t have the strength either. I fell, I broke my hip … I am lucky to have two wonderful children, as she also has her daughter, but since we do not know what has past … “, he lamented.

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