Concessioned transport must operate under a business format: Sheinbaum Pardo

Due to the fact that of the 18,500 units that are in Mexico City and that belong to concession transport, a total of 2,700 operate under the company format, there are no conditions to increase the toll, local authorities announced.

When presenting the Mobilization Report of Carriers in Mexico City and that is in tune with the series of demonstrations that have taken place this Thursday to increase the cost of the ticket, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, explained that there will be no increase in the proposed rate without a substantial improvement of the service, that is to say, it is sought that all operate under a professionalization scheme.

“This is what is in the condition and we are going to continue informing (…) but let the citizens know that we are always going to defend the economy of families, the popular economy and at the same time, a comprehensive improvement of Public Transportation of Passengers in Mexico City,” he said at a press conference.

The head of the Ministry of Mobility (Semovi) local, Andrés Lajous Loaeza, explained that it is necessary that all the units choose to operate under a business scheme, for example, that they drive safely, that the units have surveillance cameras, the personnel have uniforms, not have companions in the part of the driver, that workers can access training and have insurance.

“They are not even accepting the commitment that is being proposed to them. So, obviously we are at a work table, but what we are asking for, from the Government of Mexico City, and we are convinced, is that it has to improve the Concessioned Public Transport service of Mexico City”, he added. Sheinbaum Pardo.

Lajous highlighted the way in which the 2,700 units of the company format operate, since they have trained drivers who drive safely, the staff has established salaries, with uniforms, they have centralized collection and they have been placing the validators of the Mobility Card Integrated.

Regarding the demands of the carriers, the head of Semovi specified that this union, from 2019 to 2022, has been supported with 2,566.7 million pesos in fuel bonuses and for the replacement of units.

In addition, as a local authority, a total investment of about 3,000 million pesos is contemplated over a period of 6 years for this type of transport.


The Secretary of Mobility reported that from 06:00 in the morning of this Thursday, June 2, a Command Post was set up in the Secretariat of Citizen Securityin which the dependency in charge and the Secretary of Government participated.

From there, 16 affected points were counted, the carriers began the blockades around 07:00 in the morning and around 11:00 they were released.

The Secretary of Government, Marti Batres Guadarramareported that around 1,100 people participated in the 16 blocking points, which was lower than expected.


This Wednesday, the Broad Carrier Force (FAT) announced that because they have not been authorized to increase toll costs, it would carry out blockades throughout Thursday, June 2, at different points in the city.

“We are the city in the country that is charging the cheapest ticket, 5 pesos, compared to the 12 pesos that are charged in Monterrey or the State of Mexico; the 13 pesos that users pay in Saltillo and the 14 pesos that it costs to move in Mexicali”, highlighted the carriers.


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