The Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco- Servytur) and the Ministry of Economy started work to promote the development of micro, small and medium (MSMEs), to help them “resume the pre-Covid-19 pandemic flight” and eliminate the bureaucracy that prevents this sector from surviving.

According to a survey by the business organization, nine out of 10 entrepreneurs face excessive paperwork from the agencies, which extends the opening of a business to several months, by holding back investments.

The concanaco revealed that the lack of liquidity, poor business management, lack of working capital, and problems in obtaining financing, excessive regulations or repetitive regulations in federal, state and municipal matters, as well as lack of security “stifles” the MSMEs.

Therefore, it is that the Ministry of Economyheaded by Tatiana Clouthier, will provide tools to eradicate bureaucratic obstacles that limit investments.

Through a statement, Hector Tejada Shaarpresident of the concanaco reported that the Ministry of Economy presented technically feasible tools to the Chambers of Commerce for access to financing, linkage with other markets, specialized training and digitization.

With this, he argued, the growth of small and medium-sized companies in Mexico, which represent 96% of all companies in the country, will be promoted and sustained.

Accompanied by the treasurer and vice president of Fiscal Affairs, Octavio de la Torre; of the Vice President of Small Business, Héctor Bautista, and the presidents of the National Chambers of Small Business, the business leader held the meeting with Ana Bárbara Mungaray, head of the Productive Development Unit of the Ministry of Economy.

“The needs of small businesses in Mexico were addressed, as well as proposals to assist in their development presented by the Ministry of Economy and the Confederation, such as the digital transformation of Commerce, Services and Tourism, access to financing and liquidity, specialized training or linking with export markets”, stated Concanaco.

In Mexico there are 257 Chambers, of which 35 are National Chambers of Commerce in Small – 16 of them participating in this first meeting. All the confederated Chambers are responsible for the creation of seven out of every 10 jobs in our country and represent, in accordance with the Law of National Chambers of Commerce, Service and Tourism 4.8 million businesses throughout the national territory.

In Mexico, 94.9% of the establishments are micro-sized; 4.9% are small and medium, and only 0.2% are large, according to information from the National Institute of Statistic and Geography (inegi).

“It is impossible to talk about wealth, jobs, economic growth without mentioning a small and medium-sized company, but in all cases, entrepreneurs are great regardless of the size of their business,” explained the president of concanaco.


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