Concamin appeals for the competition before the decision of the SCJN on the Law of the Electricity Industry

Not having reached the majority of votes in the Court to declare the unconstitutionality of the Electricity Industry Law (LEL), the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin) reported that the protections of the companies against the 2021 reform will continue their course in court, so he trusts that they will speak out for competition, lower costs and clean energy.

“Most of the ministers (in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, SCJN) think that the core issues of the 2021 reform are unconstitutional,” said the body led by José Abugaber.

For this reason, “the private sector trusts the institutional strength of the Judiciary and has carefully followed the deliberation of the Supreme Court on the reform of the 2021 Electricity Industry Law.”

Through a statement, the Concamin He reiterated that the electricity reform “violates the right that Mexicans and Mexicans have to have free competition in the generation of electricity, as well as to have clean energy for the benefit of our health and that allow companies to comply with the regulations of environmental care”.

The industrial organization explained that, although the opinion and vote of the majority of the ministers was not unanimous, “since the qualified majority was not reached, the unconstitutionality action presented by members of the Senate of the Republic was dismissed. We have been respectful of the resolutions of the Powers of the Union and will continue to be so”.

The Concamin He reiterated his commitment to defend the right of Mexicans to have clean energy sources at the best possible price.

They considered that the arguments made during these days of discussion must be analyzed in detail to understand their legal consequences and their effects on the judicial processes that are still ongoing.


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