Conavim did not prevent violence against women due to cuts, according to the Segob control body

The internal control body of the Interior Ministry warned that during 2020 the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women (Conavim) it failed to meet the objective of promoting care and prevention of violence against women, since the resources allocated for this program were cut.

The performance audit carried out by this OIC points out that because the more than 11.6 million that were originally labeled for the program “Promote care and prevention of violence against women” were cut, the Conavim it did not achieve the goal of complying with the dissemination of information that promotes a cultural change that contributes to greater respect for women’s rights.

This despite the fact that said agency reported having met 100% of the goal of the indicator of said program, justifying that campaigns were carried out through social networks and which reached 2 million people.

On the subject, the OIC indicated that with the use of social networks it is not possible to determine that the information on the culture of non-violence against women has reached the indicated number, therefore, the audit stated “that it is not possible to verify the relevance and achievement of the objectives and goals, as well as the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, results and sustainability of the observed indicator ”.

Therefore, the Conavim carry out the necessary steps before the corresponding authorities to carry out the execution of the budget assigned for this purpose as soon as possible and thus avoid the reduction and reallocation of resources to other branches or items different from those originally assigned.


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