Completed the first emergency crisis shelter built for the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth

Halifax –

The first of up to 20 temporary emergency crisis shelters being built for the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth is now complete.

The single-occupant shelter was completed last night and underwent testing today.

The Archdiocese tells CTV News that once the home passes inspection, they will announce where it will be located.

Each shelter costs about $ 11,500 and will be placed on parish property around the diocese.

In a previous releaseArchbishop Brian Dunn said they had identified eight potential sites, each accommodating one to five shelters.

Four shelters are expected to be built per week and all units are expected to be ready by December 24.

HRM was involved in the design process and is fast tracking the permits. TO release The city officials said the municipality made permitting facilitation a priority for the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth.

“All permits will require compliance with established regulations to ensure municipal construction standards are met,” the HRM statement said.

Shelters are manufactured at Well Engineered Inc. in Dartmouth and delivered to each site. The roof will be installed at the time of delivery.

The total cost of the shelters is expected to be approximately $ 230,000, which the Archdiocese hopes to raise through donations and private grants.

The structures are 8×8 ‘with metal roofs and cladding. The interior is finished with gypsum and linoleum flooring.

Each unit has electricity taken from a nearby structure to allow for a USB phone charger, a light, and a small electric heater.

The sanitary facilities will be “portable urinals” in the open air.

The $ 11,500 price for each includes the cost of materials and labor. Well Engineered provides in-kind engineering, design and consulting services.

The Archdiocese is reaching out to community groups to align the occupants.

In collaboration with service providers and community groups, occupants should be able to agree on a occupancy agreement.

The occupant will be able to stay in the shelter until May 31, 2022. Units will be stored after that.

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