Complaint against the CAQ for non-compliance with the electoral law

A complaint against the CAQ was filed Sunday by the Parti Québécois (PQ) to the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec who confirmed the opening of an investigation for non-compliance with electoral law.

Images captured by a TVA Nouvelles camera show Christian Dubé, Minister of Health and MNA for La Prairie accompanied by Shirley Dorismond chatting with voters who came to vote in advance at the entrance to an election office.

However, this is illegal under election law.

Although it is possible to speak with voters on polling day, it is forbidden to do so near a polling station.

Parti Québécois activists also intervened with Mr. Dubé and Ms. Dorismond to remind them of the law.

Prime Minister François Legault did not make much of this event.

“I told Suzanne that when I was a PQ minister, I got caught too, because I didn’t know that we weren’t allowed to be close to the polling stations. I think that’s what happened to poor Christian Dubé who was really pissed off about it this morning, but, listen, I think it’s a mistake in good faith, “he said on the sidelines of Monday. a press briefing to announce the candidacy of former mayor Suzanne Roy in the riding of Verchères.

According to the Parti Québécois, the Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon handed out leaflets near an election office.

The Chief Electoral Officer was also questioned by the PQ regarding this way of doing things, to know if the law was respected.

The by-election is scheduled for next Monday, April 11.

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