Companies will implement a hybrid job with a “3-2-2” format by 2022

For him first quarter of 2022 In Mexico, the companies will implement semi-presential work schemes for the most part, under the dynamic of working two days from home and the rest with presence in the offices.

Everest Group and Talent Solutions, a firm specialized in Human capital, have identified that the country’s companies are beginning to embrace the global trend of promoting the hybrid format ‘3-2-2’; that is, three days in the office, two days away from the workplace, and two days off.

The areas most akin to blended work are those with a considerable number of positions, which do not require physical contact in their activities, and those that can make the necessary investment to support remote collaborators.

According to the query made by Everest Group y Talent Solutions to employers in Mexico, the areas that will benefit the most from this labor scheme are:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • TI
  • Human Resources
  • Management

Almost 30% of employers in Mexico consider implementing a dynamic of remote work from home for up to two days, and up to 15% would opt for a permanent home office.

The area with the greatest tendency to adjust to the hybrid model is administration and support for the office, since 30% of employers propose work formats with remote work for up to two days a week, and 28% for up to three days from home office.

An interesting finding is that presented by areas such as IT and human resources, despite having a trend of 51% and 55%, respectively, to work under blended dynamics, between 31 and 30% of employers in these departments consider it to be It is necessary for their activities to be carried out at the company’s facilities during their usual hours, with the highest trends being individually for these positions.

There are also areas that will not bet on the hybrid scheme

The areas less likely, or that will not make changes in work formats, are: sales (first line), reception and customer service, as well as production and manufacturing, since Mexican employers consider that they need to be done in person.

In turn, 42% of the employers will return to the face-to-face session for their sales workers and 66% will resume the absolute face-to-face work for their collaborators in the manufacturing and production areas.

Talent Solutions suggests that with the advance in vaccination and the reopening of services, organizations need to implement new ways of incorporating their workforce, as well as redefining work spaces with the goal of turning them into meeting points for teamwork .

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