Companies from Puebla will stop using placarded vehicles to inhibit robberies

Puebla, Pue. Because you transport with household appliances, mobile phones and other products that are easily marketed in the “Black market” They are assaulted mainly at the end of the year due to the high demand for these items, companies have stopped using labeled units to avoid drawing attention to highway crime.

Francisco Lobato Galindo, president of the Mexican Franchise Network, explained that this strategy has been the last one applied to reduce theft cases.

He explained that this measure helps them to be able to deliver the goods to their final destination, but more police surveillance is needed, especially in the most insecure sections, where they do not want to pay attention to permanent operations.

He mentioned that the preventive authorities cannot escort the units with products from one municipality to another, since it would leave the localities unprotected, which have few elements.

Said conditions of insecurity have a negative effect on landing investments and generating jobs, when it should be a priority for the rulers, he said.

Lobato Galindo explained that they went from using large to medium-sized vehicles to try to go unnoticed, although it impacts logistics costs when it comes to taking goods from one municipality to another, because they must make more than two trips.

He pointed out that the most unsafe sections are towards Orizaba and Mexico City, in which carriers have stopped driving at night to avoid a robbery.

However, he stressed, they give a vote of confidence to the state authorities to inhibit this crime, which generates losses of 15% on average with respect to total production.

He considered that the Covid-19 pandemic also brought with it a reduction in operations, however, it is reflected in fewer transport robberies.

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