Companies from Puebla seek to migrate to clean energy in 2022

Puebla, Pue. Because some Puebla industries from various sectors want to migrate to clean energy and that in turn represents savings in supply, this could trigger investments in the order of 30 million dollars by 2022.

The general director of Ergosolar and former president of the National Solar Energy Association (ANES), Puebla-Tlaxcala region, Luis Sánchez Stone, commented that companies want to migrate to photovoltaic energy due to the need to be more productive, currently having 2,200 companies with that installed technology.

He estimated that investment so far has been $ 9 million in solar panel systems in the last four years, which is low considering that there are industries and companies that can turn to clean energy.

“There are several projects for 2022, close to 30 million dollars, although they are not investments that they be done immediately, because they must comply with procedures in terms of receiving the supply “, he deepened.

However, he stated that this need represents opportunities for companies in the energies in terms of providing the equipment, which, although expensive, in the long run represent a saving of up to 60% in electricity payments.


He elaborated that the entity has a radiation of 5.4 kilowatts per hour, higher than the national average, which is 5.2 kilowatts, so that is attractive to install solar panels in industries that have high energy consumption and that represents 40% of your expenses.

“The consumption of renewable energies is still low in the industrial sector local, despite the tax benefits they can get, for example; Income Tax, however, we believe that it can grow in the coming years, taking into account that, as of 2018, the Ministry of Energy established, based on the Clean Energy Certificate, that 5% of the total consumption of one megawatts that companies make is from sources such as the sun or the wind ”, he commented.

Sánchez Stone said that industries in the sectors automotive, textiles, agribusiness and food are interested in making this migration in 2022 from conventional to clean energy, especially solar.

In addition, he explained that in his sector there has been a growth of companies, since until 2009 there were 15 focused on solar panels, some with 20 years, but currently more than 200 have been detected in the entity, the majority dedicated to the domestic service with the installation of heaters, lights and cells.

Likewise, he indicated that foreign companies have found opportunities to invest in solar parks within the Puebla territory due to the demand that exists from industries with high consumption.

The projects completed for the Puebla territory in solar parks are that of Iberdrola in the municipality of Cuyoaco, which generates 200 megawatts and the investment was 235 million dollars.

In addition, the French ENR NL invested 330 million to make its so-called Pachamama II Photovoltaic Park in the municipality of Tepeyahualco, which generates 330 megawatts.

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