Combating inequality and protecting the environment, commitments of Javier López Casarín

The federal deputy of the Green Party, Javier López Casarín, who was the winner of the Man of the Year Award for Innovation, at the Tomorrow Country (TMRW 2022 Conference), which was held last weekend in Belgrade, Serbia, expressed his commitment with the fight against inequality throughout the world and for the protection of the environment.

Broadcasting a message of thanks to the organization that awarded him the award as the innovator of the year on social networks, López Casarín stressed that “we, together, as agents of change, have the obligation to close the inequality gap that exists in the world while involving everyone in the responsibility of protecting the environment. My deepest gratitude to W3X and Tomorrow Conference for this distinction”.

The Mexican legislator was selected among 20 finalists from the European Union, North America and Asia, among entrepreneurs, developers, businessmen, consultants, politicians and influential people in their social environment. After learning of the ruling, on his social networks, López Casarín released a video where he states “Innovation is the path to development and prosperity for all”.

The TMRW 2022 Conference is the largest NFT, Crypto and Metaverse conference in Europe, organized by WEBIZ, a Serbian company specialized in digitization.

This year, the conference brought together three spheres that are currently expanding and taking the world by storm, bringing together the world’s leading blockchain companies and influential experts who demonstrated the transformative and cross-sector power of disruptive technology from some of the biggest drivers of change, from the arrival of the Internet.

More than 2,500 people participated in this meeting, held from May 13 to 15 in Belgrade, Serbia, who listened to experts on emerging trends and developments in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and learned about development trends in DeFi (decentralized finance), DAO ( decentralized autonomous organization), Metaverse and the so-called Web3.

Javier Lopez Casarin

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Strategic entrepreneur, innovator and agent of change committed to his country and reinvention through his projects. He has a long career in the business world in the financial, telecommunications and technology sectors as well as in the field of social promotion, which has allowed him to develop methodologies for identifying, analyzing and effectively solving current challenges.

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