financial technology Minkaof Colombian origin, announced the closing of an investment round of 24 million dollars led by TigerGlobal Y KaszekWith the funding, the platform dedicated to payment infrastructure plans to expand its services in Mexico.

The company sees areas of opportunity in the Mexican market, due to strategic areas in the existing payment networks, in addition to the fact that the legal framework will allow them to operate clearly.

“We have a regional expansion plan, we identified that the technology in the region is outdated, there are many initiatives by central banks as well as by the clearing houses themselves in the countries to modernize. We see an opportunity, in the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, we are in a process of generating a strategy to understand the adjustment of product and market that we can have in Mexico”, commented Paola Sánchez, co-founder of Minka.

The directive added that despite the existing solutions in Mexico and the effort made by regulators, the technological infrastructure needs to be more efficient, so Minka is found in the identification of areas of opportunity.

“The technological infrastructure is built, let’s say on the same foundations, and that is where we see an opportunity to understand how we will enable and generate efficiencies there. We hope to generate a structured rapprochement in the coming months,” said Sánchez.

Via Interfaces Apps programming (APIs) and concepts of blockchain, the platform facilitates the implementation of complex money flows, by combining a set of operations. So your customers enable different use cases within the platform.

“The money must flow like a text message, which must be secure, what the blockchain principle has is that this content is encrypted. Today the messages are encrypted from end to end, in such a way that using these principles we can secure the transaction”, added Sánchez.

With recent funding, Minka will enable its transfer service between companies, for government entities and those who are not within the financial system.


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