Collboni, the song of the summer | Article by Jordi Mercader

The surname Maragall gives ERC an extra councilor according to some Republican experts who have already resigned themselves to presenting a patriarch candidate so as not to lose said councilman, which given the predictions of the polls may be definitive. Ada Colau surely it is everything for the commons; but how much does it bring James Collboni to the PSC list? This is the question that socialists will try to answer this summer. At the moment, they say they do not plan to make changes to their list for the Barcelona City Council and surely, today, the statement is totally true.

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No one can doubt that the experience of the PSC will ensure that its leaders do not shake their hands when it comes to voting for a last-minute change if it is the case; nor to his own Collboni He will be surprised that such a hypothesis is going to be fulfilled, because he knows perfectly well in which party he is a member and he will not be fooled. The PSC is currently an upside bid because it has known how to underline its condition of haven party against those who would like to go back to the end of the 20th century and against those who are willing to ruin the country for at least a century through an ill-justified improvisation. Anyway, this could be insufficient to win the mayoralty of Barcelona.

The Socialists are no longer in a hurry, they are sitting in Parliament waiting for the defeated to parade, but if at any time in the coming months they think they have identified a candidate who could make them the leading force in Barcelona, ​​they will not hesitate or an instant. The question is whether such identification will be the result of a comparative study of profiles or the process will be fulfilled from an intuition of Peter Sanchez. The terrible expectations of Sánchez’s last intuition in Andalusia are, precisely, the most direct cause of the nerves of the PSOE and the unleashed cabals to put balm on the Andalusian electoral wound, even before it occurs. Intuition has limits.

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