Coldplay Announces No New Albums Released After 2025; they will only tour

Chris Martin, singer and frontman of the band Coldplay, announced on Thursday on the BBC that his group will stop producing new songs after a final album scheduled for 2025.

“Our last real album will be out in 2025, and after that, I think we will just tour,” the 44-year-old singer announced in advance of an interview with host Jo Whiley that will be broadcast on Thursday night on the network. British television.

“We may do some collaborations but the catalog of Coldplay properly speaking, it will be over at that point, “added Martin.

Asked about these remarks on another show, Whiley said Thursday morning that the bandleader seemed “charmingly honest” in the interview, but that you never know “if he was joking” or speaking “deadly.” would”.

In any case, at the time of the October release of his ninth album, Music of The SpheresThe singer already told music magazine NME that the group intended to make 12 albums – three more than the current number – before stopping.

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