Colau wins and Dausa wins

Els Comuns de Barcelona are happy and content and it is no wonder. Perceiving the frontal rejection that Ada Colau It awakens the Catalan right, a good part of the independence movement and in certain sectors of the left itself, the result obtained in the last municipal observatory presented this Monday seems a huge achievement. It is true that the Barcelonians give him the worst grade of his entire tenure, but they also give him a comfortable victory that breaks the eternal tie with ERC. In other words, his people notice it, but they are faithful to him.

Given this scenario and to see how they analyze the data from within, contact with Jordi Martí, that in addition to being the Councilor for the Presidency and Budgets, he is one of the most trusted people in Ada Colau and who manages the engine room of the town hall. “Well, yes, I think the results are an indisputable success,” he categorically confirms. He also explains to me that the survey was conducted at the beginning of the sixth wave and at that time there was furious criticism of all rulers. In his personal analysis he recognizes that “it cannot be hidden that criticism of the state of the city is bad but 15% of the intention to vote is thanks to Colau. Therefore, we think that the citizen values ​​that it is the only one who is drawing a project and is the one who most bets against climate change or who fights the most to try to improve access to housing “.

Cleanliness, safety

Barcelona is not clean and that, like the lack of security, is reflected in a notable way in the polls. However, the results of the observatory come to tell them to put the batteries, even if they have no opposition. And the survey shows that there is no real alternative. Ernest Maragall He is the only leader who comes out well, but I would dare to say that people value his last name and his age more than anything else. He is followed by the tireless Jaume Collboni of the PSC, but he himself knows that all his efforts could be ruined if the internal polls of his party find a better candidate. If that happens, they will make the change, period. Discarded Salvador Illa, who is already seen in the Generalitat, some point again for Miguel Iceta. For its part, Elsa Artadi He has been penalized by the internal conflicts of his party and his constant criticism has not yielded the expected result.

Anyway, what one thought. That, to this day, Ada Colau he would win the elections again. There’s no more.

Ten years of Joan Dausà

It was Monday, too, at the Coliseum theater. There Joan Dausà He offered a special Christmas concert that everyone present enjoyed. And it was just now ten years ago that his first CD ‘Jo Mai Mai’ was released with 11 songs in which songs of love, heartbreak and friendships predominated. Since then to Dausa his life has changed a lot. “Imagine, now I am married, I have two daughters, I live in the mountains and I live from music.” Almost nothing.

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And it is that at that time Dausa He was a presenter, announcer or actor, but he was not clear about his future. Now Joan Dausà is dedicated exclusively to music. In his latest album ‘Ho tenim tot’ there is an evolution in his voice, more intense, and in his most vindictive speech. Of course, it is still the same as always. A close and friendly guy who moves with his songs and who makes himself loved. In addition, it sweeps wherever it goes, but it has not gone to his head. Without a doubt, the passing of the years and those days in Cadaqués where he met Eli, his partner, they have been good for him to become one of the reference singer-songwriters of Catalan pop.

He is on tour, on the 19th he will perform in Madrid and these days the song he dedicated to the deceased daughter of Luis Enrique. “I had it prepared for a year and it was very emotional to be able to sing it at the Palau in front of Luis Enrique and his family. “He explains to me that his main objective is to continue reaching people through his songs. Well, look, if that’s why I have no doubts that there is Dausà for years.

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