Colau presents candidacy when he sees his rivals weaker

Some things are only known over time, and one of them is that before the municipal elections of 2019, prominent members of Ada Colau’s entourage were convinced that they would lose them, that the project of the former spokesperson for the Platform of Affected by the Mortgage (PAH), that the independence movement would take Barcelona in Comú ahead. Now they see it much better.

It was not a completely misdiagnosis, because Colau did not win, and ERC did by 5,000 votes. But he saved the situation with an unexpected outcome, hand in hand with the PSC and the support provided by Manuel Valls to lower the return on the investment that dominant sectors in the Barcelona economy made to try to evict the mayor. The former French Prime Minister was able to tell those who financed him that he had done half of his work, stopping the independence movement.

new sensations

Unlike then, those who surround the mayor believe that the municipal meetings of May 28, 2023 are presented as a much more favorable date for her. And one of the reasons that this is so is that they consider that she will not have rivals with a lot of potential in front of her. In some cases, they no longer exist: the leader of Junts per Catalunya, Elsa Artadi, left the city council and politics, victim of an exhaustion that she explained excitedly: “I can’t anymore & rdquor ;. Her goodbye has fueled the image that Colau’s rivals are unable to make her thesis gain weight.

Colau sees the rest of the potential candidates blurred, although some are an alternative to consider, such as the president of the ERC group, Ernest Maragall, and the PSC, Jaume Collboni. Both, one unofficial and the other official, respectively, have been his partners during this term, and both see themselves as likely to take the cat to the water within a year.

Maragall and budgets

The two have been taking distance from Colau for some time. Maragall, who has decisively supported the most relevant issues of the mandate, starting with the budgets, announced in November that the ERC would not support the 2022 accounts. And, indeed, the Republicans voted against the project’s initial process.

But just five days later, Maragall was forced to appear to announce that he was rectifying his position and that he would facilitate the approval of the budgets because he was forced to do so due to the agreement between ‘comuns’ and ERC in Parliament so that other accounts, those of the Catalan Government.

Those were not good days for the Republican, who has since stepped up his criticism. The ‘catalangate’ has been the latest reason for controversy: Maragall pointed to Colau after learning that espionage also planned on the negotiations for the formation of the municipal government in 2019.

The ‘comuns’ demanded that the Republican rectify. Beyond these controversies, Maragall has two issues to take into account. One, obvious, is age: he will be 80 years old when the people of Barcelona go to the polls. It is something that he has been asked constantly and to which he responds by alluding to Joe Biden, 16 days older than him. Another nuance, already mentioned at the beginning: support for independence does not seem to maintain the vigor it had.

Collboni, open couple

Collboni has also taken a distance from Colau for some time. His relationship in these three years has been correct although obviously cold. They agreed at the beginning of the period to shield his disagreements to avoid clashes with the previous one. That has allowed the couple not to break up, but at the price of revealing that it is open. Each one has gone their own way on more than relevant issues, such as economic discourse, and not only in relation to the expansion of the airport, an issue on which they have opposing positions that they have made clear in several votes.

Collboni is now the main candidate, in the absence of knowing the names that end up presenting themselves to the municipal elections, of those who consider that the city has turned its back on the economic initiative. In other words, he is the candidate of order in matters such as tourism, the business bet. Even in relation to the mobility policy, the PSC took a step aside, by qualifying its support for the green axes projected by the consistory.

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At first glance, Maragall is much closer to Colau in terms of projects, and a future agreement between Bcomú and ERC would not be surprising at all. Although it would remain to be resolved who holds the command rod, including that option

Bou, Guilarte, Parera

Collboni and Maragall seem confirmed as mayors, except for considerable surprises. Also some candidates of forces with less weight. Eva Parera, for Valents, and Luz Guilarte, for Ciutadans, have the option of repeating. Josep Bou, from the PP, has it much more raw. With Pablo Casado, his great endorser, out of the race, he will have it much more raw.

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