Colau o por la boca muere el pez, by Sergi Sol

It is clear that the Alcaldesa Ada Colau did not reduce the imputation for malpractice. As a tampoco dimitió, by one more turbulent, the alcaldesa de l’Hospitalet, Nuria Marín. También imputada. And also the presumption of innocence as recorded Jaume Collboni, aspiring ‘in pector’ on the throne of Colau.

As its ethical code (the Colau, not the Collboni) required decrease through an imputation, his adversaries we trust that of example. Normally, it is okay to be accustomed to being victimized by this property, to the point that it lives by the punishment of ignorance. Colau no dimitirá porque hacerlo sería tanto como admit your guilt y, mientras no se demuestre lo contrario, es inocente y no va a renunciar a seguir sosteniendo la vara de alcaldesa. La misma que, tras ser superada por Ernest Maragall, tampoco dudó in retainer recurriendo a los votes (‘fondos black’ les llamó) de aquellos a los que repudió en cualquier circunstancia. If he utters his words, he would drink water of borrajas, now his ethical vehemence too.

If there are priorities to follow in the footsteps of Sant Jaume, with the mayor’s motive, he will now be renounced by a compromise which, to materialize, will manifestly be unjust. For much so, only a compromise is made, between others, by its political formation. Tambien an alarde de maneras ostentoso.

In this case, the preceptive dimension for an imputation for corruption claims to be with the scandalous increase in public charges (about all PP) processed and que permanecían in the cargo. Are you feeling well? Probably because they were seen on the porch of the house where nothing was managed, no doubt.

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Lo que quita una verdad sucinta. All these exemplary actions are clear when required by the project, but if they are an adversary with the fault of the suspect. Pero apply the question to a same is hard heart. Además, qué duda cabe que elipo de Colau -en lo que a subvenciones se refiere- quiso ayudar a aquellos que créian ser ayudados -por necesitados- con el manto del dino public. No les quepa la menor duda que, sin irony alguna, asi es.

Any unscrupulous check is susceptible to generating dudas. And any denunciation has the possibility of appearing certain. These days we are in the relevos in the direction of the Mossos. Much ruid and pocas nueces. Además, el acoso -mediätico y, in particular, judicial- se multiplied in Spain with the use and abuse of the particular accusation. A menodo, also, with specialized promoters and interests propi u opacos, here is Vox or Manos Limpias. Although it is fair to say, to be fair, that its prerogative has also made it even more extreme. Y claro, donde las dan, las toman.

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