Coke computer, Fuck Any

All for that, eh? Fuck Everything is timely, then. Four days before the poll, the hardcore punk quartet – a reductive description, as its rock covers a multitude of sub-genres – launched its second album, Coké Computer. A real post-election cure that tastes nasty, a release necessary to help us move on. The Montreal group offers a resolutely pessimistic vision of society, howled at the top of the lungs by the corrosive voice of François Gagnon, as threatening at the microphone as his colleagues are. The sound of Max Gouin’s guitars flirts dangerously with that of trash metal, while the rhythm tank (Gabriel Guimond-Mercille on drums, David Horan on bass) has the agility required to change patterns in the same song, such as in the ambitious Nursery rhyme and Person – the latter constituting a masterpiece of brutality and nihilism. Alone, the metal groove of Jon Bovi and the punk blast of Disco in the middle of the album will manage to chase the cockroach until the municipal elections.

Coké computer



Fuck Any, Slam Drives

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