Coinfection: Covid infections are detected in Spain with the delta and omicron variants at the same time

Omicron and delta at the same time. Is what is called coinfección, which according to the experts is not something usual, but it can occur in places where both variants circulate. It already happened with gamma and delta and it will be something anecdotal when omicron displaces the rest. Doctors anticipate that it does not imply more seriousness and they have already verified the first cases, especially in the northern provinces of Spain.

The pulmonologist at the Basurto hospital (Basque Country) and coordinator of the Respiratory Infections area of ​​the Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (Separ), Sara Quirós, has warned of the risk of being coinfected with variants of the coronavirus delta and omicron at the same time, a phenomenon similar to that of the simultaneous contagion of covid and influenza. Virologists warn, the more the incidence grows, the more combinations of coinfection can appear.

“It is still too early to assess the situation, because there is little time that has elapsed to know if this combination is more serious or not and because there are still very few cases “, Quirós warns in ‘La Voz de Galicia’.

The issue of co-infections with two different variants of SARS-CoV-2 is not new. It already happened with gamma and delta, as a Brazilian scientific team has studied.

Now, simultaneous infection with delta and omicron variants it is being watched and studied by the scientific community. Last Tuesday, experts from the United Kingdom Scientific Advisory Group for Emergency (SAGE), which advises the government of Boris Johnson, warned that omicron could partially or fully replace delta in a matter of weeks.

“The expansion depends on the degree of infection of the different population groups, which is not yet known. It is possible that both variants [delta y ómicron] keep expanding, which would mean that infections and hospitalizations caused by delta would add to those caused by omicron “, exposed the British experts.

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The omicron variant is capable of infecting people with previous immunity, either by vaccines, or by having been infected with previous variants such as delta. According to the news portal iNews, Professor Paul Hunter, from the University of East Anglia (United Kingdom), explains that “It is possible that we have two simultaneous epidemics, one of omicron and another of delta “.

“This raises concerns about delta and omicron co-infections, where both variants infect the same person at the same time. In general, co-infections from any respiratory virus are associated with more serious illnesses and we certainly saw this early in the pandemic with co-infections from covid and flu, “Hunter concluded.

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