Codelco workers grouped in the Federation of Chilean Workers (FTC) announced on Thursday the end of the strike that began the day before due to the announcement of the closure of the Ventanas smelter and in a joint statement with the state company they indicated that they reached a agreement to start a work table in that division.

“The leaders and the company will form a working table to address the future of the division and ensure a fair transition agreement for the process,” Codelco and the FTC said in a statement. “We will empower the other Codelco smelters and all its refineries,” Codelco said.

“The administration and the union leaders agreed to establish as a principle of dialogue the care of the health of the workers, of the communities where the operations are inserted, the protection of the environment, as well as the protection of employability, together with the empowerment of Codelco as a public company,” the state-owned company said in the statement.

He added that on this basis they agreed to form a work group in the Ventanas Division, made up of their union leaders and company representatives, a body that will have the support of the Federation of Copper Workers, which will address the scenarios of cessation of the smelter, which is subject to the modification of Law 19,993, with the aim of ensuring a fair transition for the workers.

An instance was also considered to address the situation of the contractor companies and their workers who provide services in the smelting process of the Ventanas Division.


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