The complaint stems from the exchange of emails between Councilmember Brent Cowan and resident Susan Weaver on the eve of the Nov. 7 election.

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A formal citizen complaint has been filed against Councilman Brent Cowan under the Pointe-Claire Code of Ethics for elected officials, according to Mayor Tim Thomas.

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“The mayor and council must follow the Code of Ethics at all times, and the Quebec City Commission enforces it in accordance with provincial law, not by the City Council, to ensure impartiality and neutrality,” Thomas wrote in his Facebook page. He said the commission investigates the complaints and determines whether elected officials have violated the Code of Ethics and decides what sanctions are imposed.

Thomas said he would not comment publicly on the complaint. “For due process reasons, it would not be appropriate for me, as mayor, to comment on what has become an ongoing legal process involving another council member until the Commission has decided on the complaint.”

Resident Susan Weaver confronted Cowan at the December 7 council meeting over what she called an “inappropriate” email she received from Cowan, her local councilor, on November 6, the day before the municipal elections.

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The email exchange began when Cowan asked Weaver why he supported his opponent Nora Golan. After Weaver responded with an explanation, he said Cowan crossed the line with another email that he deemed sexist and harassing.

Cowan said she regretted some of the words in her email related to gender and diversity. She also said she supports the representation of diversity and gender on the council.

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