The multi-sector civil society coalition claims to represent 500,000 people and is launching its campaign just over a month before Ontarians go to the polls.

She urges candidates of all political stripes ahead of the June 2 election to endorse a 12-point climate action plan

Ontario is off track to meet its 30 per cent emissions reduction target by 2030exposes Lana Goldberg, manager of Ontario’s climate program at Environmental Defense Canada. And even if it did, that still wouldn’t be enough for Ontario to do its part to limit global warming to 1.5°C. This would require a 60% reduction by 2030.

It questions the province’s energy plan to increase the use of natural gas plants to generate electricity, or plans to build new mega-highways.

We need a government that will invest in public transit, protect natural areas and invest in renewable energy to ensure Ontario is on a sustainable path and a healthy place to live.

Deena Ladd, Executive Director of Workers Action Centerfocuses on vulnerable people, who generate less carbon emissions.

Four people in front of a desk.

Representatives from labour, environmental, health and vulnerable groups discussed the climate emergency in Ontario.

Photo: Radio-Canada

For her, Transforming low-paying, low-carbon jobs into well-paying jobs is in itself a climate solution.

The way forward is to act together urgently to safeguard the present and secure the future for ourselves, for our children and for future generations.

In addition to the three main elements, the group’s action plan calls on the province to:

  • End all fossil fuel subsidies and phase out their use
  • Treating the climate emergency as Ontario’s biggest public health crisis
  • Accelerating the transition to zero-emission buildings
  • Reallocate funds planned for Highway 413 and other freeway expansions to support a faster transition to zero-emissions transportation
  • Urgently protect biodiversity
  • Investing in local, organic and regenerative agriculture and food systems
  • Start a extensive public education campaign on the climate and biodiversity crises
  • Re-establish an independent office of the environmental commissioner
  • Ensure a just and inclusive transition for Indigenous, resource dependent, remote and marginalized communities

The groups behind the campaign come from a mix of communities and sectors, including agriculture, arts and culture, business, health professionals, labour, community groups, education , environment and climate action.

We need to see citizens standing up and demanding climate action, reacts Dianne Saxe, deputy leader of the Green Party of Ontario.

Almost everything they ask for is already on our roadmap to net zeroshe assures Radio-Canada, affirming that her party is the only to offer really solid action to answer.

Dianne Saxe smiles next to a tree.

Dianne Saxe is the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Ontario.

Photo: Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

This lawyer specializing in the defense of the environment also mentions three essential elements that are not mentioned by the coalition: a fair carbon budget, a realistic carbon price and the improvement of electricity production to dispense with fossil fuels.

We actually need action and the call [de la coalition] done publicly increases the pressure on all of society to move, argues Peter Tabuns, critic of the NDP from Ontario on energy and the climate crisis.

He too argues that his party’s platform, unveiled on Monday, is rather compatible with what was put forward today. Mr. Tabuns cites the objectives of the NDP electrification of transport, energy efficiency of buildings and a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

What theOCEC is an exhaustive, very complete portrait, a good guide for the next government, according to Lucille Collard, Liberal Critic for the Environment. The Ford administration has put the brakes on the progress initiated by its predecessor, she says.

If the Liberal Party’s election platform is still in finalizationMrs. Collard assures that she will be ambitious and realistic.

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