Coahuila proved to be a strong state in tourism and exceed the expectations of visitors and in economic benefits during the vacation period of Holy Weekhighlighted the governor, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís.

He reported that the entity received 810,333 tourists and captured an economic spill of 802 million 229,670 pesos in these two weeks of the season.

During the vacation period the Magic towns reported an average hotel occupancy of 75.28%, and business destinations (Saltillo, Torreón, Monclova, Piedras Negras, Ciudad Acuña) an occupancy of 58.87 percent. At the state level, the average occupancy of both was 67.07 percent.

In economic spill, during the first week 406 million 246,500 pesos were reported, while in Easter it was 395 million 983,170 pesos; and as for tourists, 410,350 and 399,983 were received, respectively.

It should be noted that the Magic towns They registered hotel occupancy at 100% during the weekends of these holidays.

“Our state is advancing in the reactivation of its industries and productive sectors, and in economic recovery; tourism is the engine of growth and generator of jobs, of income for Coahuila families”, she explained.

For this reason, it is important that tourism be revitalized for the benefit of the economy of Coahuilaasserted the state president.

“Today we see an entity that has come out ahead of the challenges posed by the pandemic, and that thanks to the unity and timely actions that we implement together, positive results are achieved,” he said.

The governor said that tourism was one of the first sectors of the economy to close due to the health contingency and one of the last to open, however, it has registered a sustained recovery and momentum.

“This solid reactivation is no coincidence, various factors have come together, such as security, promotion strategies, support provided in a timely manner, ongoing training, compliance with health guidelines, the commitment of businessmen and of the tourism value chain, as well as the efforts of the mayors, “he said.

“One of the public policies of my government is economic diversification, an industry with the potential to generate prosperity and jobs is precisely tourism, and it is a very broad sector, and consequently the benefit reaches thousands of Coahuila families directly and indirectly”.

For her part, the Secretary of Tourism and Development of Magical Towns of the state, Azucena Ramos Ramos, affirmed that the results of Holy Week 2022 reflect confidence in the safety and sanitary conditions offered by the entity, which is a good outlook for the rest of the year.

“Beyond the statistics, which is of the utmost importance, we are enthusiastic about the spirit of the people and their desire to know and enjoy their state, to do tourism in Coahuila,” he concluded.

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