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Three of the seven co-accused in the Karanveer Sahota murder trial appeared in person, in court, Friday morning.

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The court appearance was to make amendments to minor clerical errors for each of their release conditions.

Details from the hearings are covered by a publication ban, along with the names of the accused.

The seven youth — six boys and one girl aged 14 to 17 — were each charged with second-degree murder in Sahota’s death after he was fatally wounded at a bus stop at McNally High School on April 8. Sahota died in hospital on April 15.

Brij Mohan, a defense lawyer for one of the accused, said outside the Edmonton Law Courts that this is the very beginning of the court process, but it will be complicated and time-consuming.

“All I know is that our justice system we have full confidence in,” he said. “By the end of the day, whether it takes one month, whether it takes six months, whether it takes a year, whether it takes two years, irrespective of the time, that justice will prevail.”

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Mohan said he has dealt with very serious criminal matters across the country.

“My sincerest condolences to the Sahota family, only they know what pain and suffering they are going through. And I am so, so sorry for their loss,” he said.

“On the same token, we all know that anybody who’s charged with any crime, whether it’s a murder, or aggravated assault, or anything, they are presumed innocent unless they are proven guilty. And that one always remains with the Crown prosecutor, that one never shifts. And from what I know, I am representing an innocent person. As I said, they’re all innocent until they’re proven guilty.”

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The next date for the case is scheduled for June 13. By that time, all parties should hopefully have better knowledge in terms of the Crown’s disclosure, Mohan said.

“We will have a bit more than what we have today. And at that time all the council will be in a position to decide how they want to move with this matter.”

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