CNews replaces Eric Zemmour with several ultra-conservative columnists

Pascal Praud ended the day, Monday, September 13 on CNews, as he began: by dedicating his “Heure des Pros” to the decision taken jointly by the channel and Eric Zemmour to put an end to the latter’s participation in the program “Face à l’Info” (7 pm). Since the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) asked, Wednesday, September 8, the audiovisual media to count the speaking time of the far-right columnist on the grounds that he has become in his opinion, “An actor in the national political debate”, the media of the Vivendi group have continued to fuel the controversy.

After announcing, at the end of last week, that Eric Zemmour would still be on the air in the days to come, the news channel decided, with regret, to replace him with a rotating cast of editorial writers. Around presenter Christine Kelly on Monday evening, journalists Eugénie Bastié and Charlotte d’Ornellas as well as Quebec sociologist Mathieu Bock-Côté took over to debate the news.

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Two of the “Four musketeers”, as they baptized themselves, from this meeting, Marc Menant and Eric de Riedmatten, are not yet fixed on their future within this new system. Only Dimitri Pavlenko, presenter of the morning show of Europe 1 and last piece of the quartet (with Mr. Zemmour), was present on the set. Other speakers are still to come, we say in the chain where we explain to advance ” step by step “.

No question of making the slightest editorial shift

By choosing these three ultra-conservative figures, CNews sets the tone: no question of making the slightest editorial shift. Above all, she chooses faces already on the air at CNews, but also in Europe 1 where Vincent Bolloré, first shareholder of Vivendi (owner of CNews) has been raining and shining since he became the first shareholder. of the Lagardère group radio station.

Mathieu Bock-Coté, rising star of the conservative right, whose latest work The racialist revolution castigates mass immigration, multiculturalism and the “Woke”, officiates every Saturday evening between 8 pm and 9 pm in “It is necessary to speak about it”, a program animated by Thomas Lequertier, but also on Europe 1, in “Le Grand Rendez-vous”, the Sunday political program.

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Eugenie Bastié, journalist in the Debates section of Figaro, already officiates twice a week on CNews, in the morning of Wednesday and Saturday at 7 pm in “Place aux idées”. Charlotte d’Ornellas, of the right-handed weekly Current values makes regular appearances at Pascal Praud, Laurence Ferrari and Patrick Boisfer, as well as on Europe 1. On the radio, the sidelining of Eric Zemmour arouses, unsurprisingly, the same comments as on CNews. In an editorial released Monday at midday, the head of the political service of Europe 1 Louis de Raguenel (ex-Valeurs Actuelles) thus regretted the injunction of the CSA, presented by the presenter Romain Desarbres (also morning on CNews) as a way “To prevent a journalist from speaking”.

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