Close contacts of positives must be isolated in Catalonia even if they are vaccinated

Health the protocol will change this Friday for what all close contacts of positives quarantine as of Monday even if they are vaccinated.

So far, this measure only applied in case of omicron variant, but the ‘Minister’ of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, has found that this variant will be the majority in a week or ten days, and absolutely dominant in about three weeks.

According to Argimon, this variant escapes more than vaccines in laboratory tests, it will be the dominant one in Catalonia and they will stop sequencing because it will already be considered the majority. “It will be fast,” he insisted. In fact, 20% of the samples that are now analyzed in Catalonia are already suspected of omicron, a percentage that rises to 25% in the case of the Barcelona area.

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At the beginning of December, the Public Health Commission, in which the Ministry of Health and the communities are present, approved a review of the strategy and control against covid that contemplated, as a novelty, that people who had been in contact with infected with the omicron variant (and also with the beta or gamma) had to be quarantined.

Sanidad eliminated this movement restriction for people fully vaccinated But since it is not yet known whether the omicron variant, originally detected in South Africa, escapes vaccine protection and is more contagious, the Public Health Commission preferred to be prudent and agree that the contacts of these people who are detected in Spain, even if they are fully immunized, quarantine.

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