Climate Quebec: three candidates presented in two days

Climat Québec has officially entered the race for the provincial elections next October by announcing over the last two days three candidates who will represent the party.

The former outgoing leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Jean Cloutier, was the first candidate unveiled Thursday by the head of Climat Quebec, Martine Ouellet, for the riding of Vanier-Les Rivières.

He will also be the co-spokesperson for the party and chairman of the national election campaign.

It was on the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean side that the two other candidates were presented on Friday.

Encouraged by her daughter to get involved in the fight against climate change, and “pioneer of the Lac-Saint-Jean section of “Mères au front””, activist Lynda Lalancette will represent Climat Québec in the riding of Roberval.

“As a mother, I have the role of doing everything for the prosperity of my child, but in the current context, it is impossible for me to ensure him a viable future,” explained Ms. Lalancette.

Martin Lavoie, candidate in Lac-Saint-Jean, is a musician passionate about Quebec music. “Our culture is rich and unique, it carried the ideal of independence while mobilizing a whole people behind this idea”.

Recall that the new separatist party with an ecological vocation founded and led by the former PQ minister, Martine Ouellet, officially became a party in August 2021.

The latter will run in the riding of Marie-Victorin in the provincial elections.

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