Claudia leading the platoon

Let us suppose that the contest between the candidates to be candidates for the presidency of the Republic for Morena – until now there are no fights in other parties and, if you hurry me, no parties – were a cycling race. It could be called the Great Cycling Race of Corcholatazo 2024.

Until a little over a week ago I could have made a simile of the internal contest after the presidential candidacy of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) with a mixed singles tennis match (Sheinbaum-Ebrard) with a stubborn challenger (Monreal) who did not he is on the list of the national sports commissioner of the partisan institution.

But it turns out that last week, Mario Delgado, the national leader of Morena – not to be confused with the national commissioner of sports and laws that have not even a comma taken away from us – during an interview they did with him in Tabasco, increased the group of contenders and that was where it occurred to me to do the cyclist similarity. To the names designated as tennis players (Claudia-Marcelo) the Morenoist hierarch added the Secretary of Economy, once mentioned by the national sports commissioner and revocation of mandate, Tatiana Clouthier; to the Secretary of the Interior Adán Augusto López Hernández, a civilian and close friend of the National Commissioner for Sports and Decrees, which was a real surprise. To the list was added the Secretary of Energy Rocío Nahle, I think that only with the objective of showing gender equality; Mario Delgado added to the platoon of cyclists, I do not think that on his own initiative, rather it must have been with the consent of the national sports commissioner and a firm friendship with Sedena, the figure of Ricardo Monreal.

Playing with the simile of the cycling race, I dare to say that, despite Line 12, due to its international visibility that contrasts with the lack of clarity in which AMLO handles himself on this issue, Marcelo Ebrard was the leader, at least until COP26 in Glasgow, where he was photographed, as a fan on the red carpet, with the most prominent leaders in the world.

But last week, Claudia Sheinbaum, ran away from the platoon; Several things influenced this to happen, from throwing five basket tacos at the “Puro Veneno” stand; winning a Guinness Record for Mexico City for being the city with the most free Wi-Fi spots; appear on the cover of El País Magazine with its corresponding interview and give an interview, speaking good English, to the BBC in London.

But the others are not wasted. The race is enlivened, wheel with wheel Claudia with Marcelo, those of the peloton are not very far behind if we consider that the race is very long and the asphalt tape not very even, always depending on the sports commissioner and punctures.

The decree

Although the writer of what you read does not have the credential of a great commentator and political analyst, common sense allows me to observe issues such as what has been called the Decree issued by President López Obrador, where it is declared that all the infrastructure works of the federal government are of public interest and national security; and, therefore, all agencies must grant authorizations, opinions, permits and licenses within a period of no more than five business days. Likewise, said works will not be governed by the rules and transparency requirements.

According to the chief executive, such decree obeys the need not to leave unfinished the works undertaken during his government and publishes it with the full awareness that in his government there is not a drop of corruption – something very difficult to prove – but still Assuming that this is the case, said decree will be a legacy of impunity and opacity for the next government that we do not know of what taste, ideas and honesty it is.

Manuel Ajenjo

Writer and television scriptwriter

The Privilege of Opinion

Mexican television scriptwriter. Known for having made the scripts for programs such as Salad de Locos, La carabina de Ambrosio, La Güereja and something else, El privilegio de command, among others.

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