Clarence Thomas warns that the Supreme Court should not get into politics

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on Thursday criticized some members of the judiciary for playing the role of lawmakers and politicians. The magistrate stated that it is not for the judges to make politics or base their decisions on their personal feelings or religious beliefs.

The context: Thomas, a staunch conservative, made the comments two weeks after the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to deny an emergency appeal of a Texas law banning abortions after six weeks.

  • The judge has qualified the decision of the case Roe v. Wade, who states that women have the freedom to choose abortion without excessive government intervention, as “clearly wrong.”
  • A Gallup poll conducted in July showed that 49% of Americans approve of the Supreme Court, compared with 44% who disapprove and 7% who have no opinion.

What do they say? In a speech from the University of Notre Dame, the court’s senior judge blamed his colleagues for “venturing into areas they shouldn’t have entered.” “The court was thought to be the least dangerous branch (of power), and we may have become the most dangerous,” said Thomas. “And I think that’s problematic.”

  • Justice Amy Coney Barrett, nominated by former President Donald Trump, recently told a hearing that her goal “is to convince you that this Court is not comprised of a group of partisans.”
  • Court Clerk Stephen Breyer told ABC News that the Supreme Court’s decision on the Texas abortion law was “very bad,” but not politically motivated.

Main source of the news: CBS News

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