Clara Ponsatí: “The independence of Catalonia is so important as to be worth a life”

  • The MEP from Junts warns that secession “will never be done” if it is not assumed that it can cause deaths

The MEP from Junts Clara Ponsati continues with his verbal escalation about the costs and risks that the Catalans should take to reach the independence of Catalonia. In an interview on TVE, the former ‘consellera’ of Ensenyament during 1-O has affirmed that secession “is so important as to be worth the life” of a person: “Everyone must know what cost they must be willing to pay “, Ponsatí has ​​settled after criticizing the “paternalistic decision” of the political leaders to deny that this extreme is reached to protect the people.

The ‘former Minister’ thus responded to the assertion that the independence of Catalonia cannot be justified if there is a danger of death. “That means it will never be done,” she assured herself before adding that die for a cause “it is not a strange situation” in the course of history, giving as an example the case of the ukrainian war. And although he has extolled the “respectable and admirable” attitude of the Ukrainians “going out into the streets empty-handed”, he has recognized that the situation is not comparable to that of Catalonia.

Although she has not directly answered whether she would be willing to die for the independence of Catalonia, Ponsatí has ​​pointed out that, “obviously, I would try to avoid it by all means”. Along the same lines, she assured that the Government could have caused deaths in Catalonia in 2017: “With the level of violence on 1-O, it could have happened”, concluded the MEP, who last week asserted that Spain would be “willing to kill” if the independence movement resurfaces, for which he called on the Catalans to be willing “to sacrifice”.

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Ponsatí has ​​admitted that he does not know any leader of pro-independence parties or entities that has said that independence is so important as to worth a person’s lifebut she has stated that she has many friends and acquaintances who, in the months after 1-O and now, would have answered this question like her.

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