Claiming the dye, by Pilar Garcés

The ‘peliteñidas’ we are not in fashion. We are trading down. There is not a day that does not appear a report on the white hair boom. Gray hair to power, which is a redundancy because power and gray hair have always gone hand in hand, as long as they were in the right heads, that is, in those of gentlemen of a certain age. We are talking about female chrism, which has freed itself from the empire of artificial color. The heaps of fashion chronicles that extol gray hair from a time to this part are usually accompanied by the image of the last rich and / or famous woman who has been photographed with her white hair. Today Sarah Jessica Parker, yesterday Andie MacDowell. Women who spend a month caring for their hair what any of us would in our entire lives, with or without dyeing. Women who did shampoo and conditioner ads Until very recently, with their blonde or brown curls they have suddenly turned gray and it seems that the world gives all the rest of us permission to go out into the streets supernatural, which Marta Sánchez, a boat blonde and olé olé sang for her. A couple of times it has been exemplified with doña Letizia this tendency to the genuine, without preservatives or colorants, because the queen had a gray thread peeking out of her very careful ponytail, and they have taken enlarged images of the suspicious roots. But it turned out to be little more than a mirage. Removable gray hair, which in most of his latest appearances have already been nuanced. Movie stars give us images of their snowy stripes, now that we have gotten bored of seeing them freshly raised and without makeup. Capillary simplicity. Silver sincerity. The gray hair is beautiful because Carolina de Mónaco and Ángela Molina say it. People who have had face and body surgery As far as they have liked, they now point to gray hair as a demonstration that they don’t give a damn what the rest of humanity may think of them. Better late than never. Women who go from dyeing have always been, I am sorry to annoy the trend hunters who charge for solemnizing the obvious and for those who have already found fifteen reasons to abandon pigments. And I also express my envy for the self-esteem shown by those who comb gray hair without complexes.

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