Civil war on the far right

There is an extremely dangerous guy at the helm of the most watched show on Fox News. Much more than Donald Trump. Is named Tucker Carlson, he’s 52 years old. I could emulate the French Eric Zemmour (who I wrote about last week), and launch into the US presidential race. Its base is similar.

Zemmour He maintains that “the great replacement” is underway, a plan in which Muslims and Africans try to replace the white French population. Carlson goes to white Anglo-Saxon American terrified by his loss of power in an increasingly multiethnic society and disoriented by the technological revolution that is changing the job map. He has become its mouthpiece.

He was the first to interview Kyle Rittenhouse, the young white man who in August 2020 killed two protesters in a protest against racism and police violence. The court saw no crime, ruled a few days ago that the shooter acted in self-defense despite crossing from Illinois to Wisconsin armed with a rifle to take justice into his own hands.

It is a sentence that has raised a great controversy in a divided country. Republicans celebrated it as a victory. For the Democrats it is equivalent to giving legal patina to the vigilantism, so that anyone can dress as a paramilitary and defend with shots what they consider fair. Is a dangerous seed at most armed country in the world.

“A very nice young man”

Carlson’s support for Rittenhouse, whom he defined as “a very nice young man,” agrees with his documentary on the events of January 6, when a mob of Trump supporters stormed Congress to prevent Joe Biden’s electoral victory from being declared.

The Fox News star ignore the proven facts. He presents the assault on Congress as part of a conspiracy hatched by the Democrats and Liberals (leftists in the US) to finish off the patriots. The tape says: “The helicopters that left Afghanistan have landed here & rdquor ;. It hints that they returned to join the war against the white man. He denounces that among Trump’s followers there were infiltrators who orchestrated the assault in order to blame the patriots.

These types of arguments have unleashed a civil war inside of very conservative Fox News. Two prominent commentators have unsubscribed and several stars have rebelled against the nonsense, including Geraldo Rivera. Fox News, like C News in France, covers paranoid theories that endanger democracy. Behind them there are two unscrupulous businessmen, Rupert Murdoch and Vincent Bolloré, owner of Vivendi.

The context has to do with the elections that Trump lost. Your scream Stop the Steal (Stop Theft) has taken hold, nearly 50 million Americans are still trapped in the mantra. They are the same ones who have bought the thesis that covid vaccines are dangerous, that the (liberal) system uses them to introduce a microchip that hands over control to Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, elevated to the category of anti-Christ.

Mask rejection

They also reject the use of masks. They consider them an interference in their freedom. 4% of adults in the United States, about ten million, are active in the insurrection movement to which the Tucker Carlson shaker patriotic flame.

The midterm elections are planned on November 8, 2022. They are so called because they are held between two presidential elections. They help measure the popularity of the president, in addition to launching a very long pre-campaign for the following. The entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate will be renewed, in this case 34 seats. Is at stake camera control and that Biden can develop his policies.

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Trump It tries to influence the Republican primaries in which the candidates will be chosen. His plan is to take revenge on those who did not support him in the fraud crusade. Enemy number one is Liz Cheney, daughter of the vice president who made up Iraq’s lies. She was one of the few Republicans who put the Constitution first and acted conscientiously.

This time, it will also be important to measure the Trump’s influence about him Republican Party. Your options for the 2024 presidential elections are at stake here. In case of failure, do not expect the party to turn to more complete positions. It may be that the Tucker Carlsons find space in a Trumpian rampage. Our advantage is that all dystopias are already written, there is only room for new utopias.

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