Ciudadanos disappears from Andalusia in its fifth electoral catastrophe

  • The Andalusians bury the last autonomous government of the oranges next to the PP and confirm the complicated survival of the initials led by Inés Arrimadas

The fifth consecutive electoral blow of citizens leaves the party without representation in parliament Andalusia and buries the the only regional government left standing next to the PP. The oranges lost this Sunday the 21 deputies that allowed them to hold the vice presidency of the Board and five ministries, in addition to the baton of the Andalusian Chamber, and only garnered 3.29% of the votes (they lost more than 540,000 ballots compared to the 2018). your candidate, John Marincomplied with what was said and he said goodbye to politics after the polls reconfirmed the complicated survival of the acronym, battered by electoral blows since 2019.

The attempt to capitalize on the experience of government to scratch the PP It did not serve for the formation to raise its head and avoid the popular outrage. The ‘torrijas’ of Marin and the dances at the April Fair together with the national leader, Ines Arrimadas, failed to encourage the electorate in their favor, restless after the proposal launched by the national leadership to reform article 2 of the Constitution to eliminate the distinction between “nationalities and regions”, despite the autonomy defended by their candidate. An “error” in the middle of the campaign that put him in the recentralizing framework of the extreme right, taking into account that Andalusia enjoys a greater self-government enshrined in the Statute. The speech against nationalism that worked in Catalonia after the convulsive autumn of 2017, did not bear fruit in Andalusia.

The main aspiration of Cs was to condition a future government led by the PP and that Juanma Moreno I had to decide between them or Vox to continue in the San Telmo Palace. But the overwhelming absolute majority quickly dispelled this scenario. Marín, at a press conference, welcomed the fact that the extreme right is left out of the regional government – “I like it and it amuses me”, he said -, after having entered the body with the ultras during the campaign.

Candidate’s float

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Marín put his political future at stake, since he assured that if he did not get a minimum of one or two parliamentarians he would get off the boat of politics, despite the fact that Dark He could sign him in the regional government as an independent, something that the orange ruled out. He did not wait for the next day to leave his organic positions: “I always comply with what I say: I will present my resignation […] In politics you have to enter and leave with dignity, and assume responsibilities,” he snapped.

After this umpteenth jug of cold water, Arrimadas will have to hold on tight to the float with which Marín was photographed during the pre-campaign so that the 2023 electoral cycle -autonomous, municipal and general- does not erase the initials of Cs from the Spanish political map.

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