City of Barrie crews out around the clock fixing potholes

City of Barrie crews are out around the clock filling and sometimes refilling potholes that are causing drivers real headaches.

“In about the past month, we’ve had three crews out during the evening and two crews out during the day. It’s a 24/7-kind of operation for us this time of year,” said Craig Morton, Barrie’s roads, parks and fleet manager.

One driver told CTV News some potholes are so big they try and avoid the road altogether if they can.

Tire shops around the city are used to fielding calls from frantic customers this time of year, and this year is no different.

“We’ve had probably five (customers) in the last month,” said Ed Jagt, Pro-Tech Tire and Auto owner. “As the potholes are getting bigger and bigger by the day, we’re getting more and more people bending their alloy rims.”

Since 2017, city crews have repaired more than 65,000 potholes, not including 2021.

Drivers are encouraged to notify the city of any bad potholes.

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