Windsor wants the Ford waterfront property but officials have decided to wait and work with the next owner.

Ford Motor Company is selling the vacant waterfront land, at the end of Drouillard Road along Riverside Drive East, and two other nearby industrial properties, the Windsor Engine Plant and the Powerhouse, as a package deal.

The mayor said the automaker was aware of the city’s interest in the property, but Drew Dilkens was also aware of other interested buyers.

Dilkens hoped the next buyer might want to sell the waterfront land as some of the ground actually remains over the river supported by pillars, presenting a challenge to develop.

An owner of the nearby Water’s Edge Event Center has would like to see the riverfront used as parkland, a marina or possibly an automotive museum.

The property is hugely important as it adjoins several culturally, economically, and historically important areas such as Ford City, Walkerville, and Distillery Square and deserves the kind of renaissance enjoyed by those neighbourhoods,” said Larry Horwitz.

The mayor agreed there is potential, and envisions continuing the water front path to the land.

However, Dilkens said the city would welcome working with the next purchaser to help create more public access to the waterfront.

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