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It could soon get a bit more expensive to leave the vehicles parked in private lots beyond what you paid for.

Winnipeg Public Service recommends an increase in permitted towing rates, saying current rates are outdated and independent tow truck drivers are losing incentives to offer their services.

Increases are also proposed for the use of platforms, dollies and winches, and the amount that can be charged for storing a vehicle in the warehouse.

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Notable changes include:

  • Allowing fees of up to $ 71.20 for picking up privately owned vehicles. Up to $ 59.00
  • Allow fees of up to $ 159.20 for picking up privately owned vehicles weighing more than 4,540kg. Up to $ 132.00
  • Allowing fees of up to $ 14.50 for each 24-hour storage period. Up to $ 12.00
  • Allowing fees of up to $ 32.60 for each 24-hour storage period for vehicles weighing more than 4,540 kg. Up to $ 12.00.
  • Allowing a charge of $ 29.50 for the use of platforms, dollies and winches. Up to $ 25.80.

The report’s authors say they arrived at the new figures after researching what other local providers were charging for on-demand service (such as road breakdowns) and after consulting with towing companies.

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They add that the rates were last updated in 2008.

The report notes that the city will not benefit financially from the rate increases, as the owners of the bookstores charge directly to the owners of the vehicles.

The motion will go before the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works on Tuesday, before going to the Executive Policy Committee and finally to the full Council.

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Snow routes

Meanwhile, a separate motion that also targets Public Works and Infrastructure Renewal this week would increase fines for parking or stopping on snow roads when there is a ban.

“Despite Public Service efforts to educate the public on the need for the RPB (Residential Parking Ban) and inform the public about when and where the RPB is in effect, the number of fines issued and the number of trailers of courtesies made during a The RPBs have increased between 2018 and 2020, ”the report reads.

It goes on to say that the average cost of providing “courtesy trailers” per parking ban increased from $ 117,880 in 2018 to $ 483,449 last year.

The Public Service recommends that the fines for such infractions increase from $ 150 to $ 200, or from $ 112.50 to $ 150 with the prepayment discount.

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In addition, he wants the streets adjacent to the schools to be subject to RPB as well, as the streets are currently “not subject to parking restrictions during snow removal operations, resulting in inadequate snow removal throughout the lanes where the parked vehicles are. “

If adopted, that change is expected to cost the city an additional $ 100,000 each year to clear an additional 92 kilometers of roads.

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