CIS survey: PSOE and PP lose more than one point, but Sánchez regains advantage over Feijóo

PSOE and PP have lost momentum in the June barometer published this Monday by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS). The Socialists have retreated 1.1 percentage points, to the 29.2% of the voteswhile the popular ones have dropped 1.7 points in the last month, standing at the 27%. Despite the drop, Pedro Sanchez regain some advantage over Alberto Nunez Feijoo and raises the distance of 1.6 points that separated them last month to 2.2 points.

In the middle of the Andalusian campaign, the CIS has placed the two big parties in a certain setback. The Socialists are down from the thirty in which they had been installed in recent months. In March they reached 31.5% of the votes. On the other hand, the growing trend that the popular ones had been following since Pablo Casado’s substitution at the head of the party has been stopped. It is the first barometer of the Feijóo era in which the PP, instead of going up, goes down. Even so, the conservatives have experienced an increase in almost 6 points since the departure of Casado.

The distance between both formations has increased minimally -0.6 points- and stands at 2.2% when in February Sánchez was ahead of the popular ones in more than 7 points. The barometer was carried out between June 1 and 9, just in that period (last Tuesday, June 7) the first dialectical clash between the President of the Government and the leader of the popular in the Senate took place.

On the contrary, Vox and United We Can stabilize with respect to the last month. The party led by Santiago Abascal retains the third position, with a 16.5% of the votes, and only a tenth escapes him. The purple ones, after several months losing support in the CIS polls, come back minimally and add 0.2 points to be placed with 9.8% of the votes. Cs also achieves one more tenth and stands at 1.9% after having touched 5% in February.

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The rest of the party do not present significant changes either. ERC loses one tenth and stands at 2.4%; More Country leaves 0.2 points and is placed with 1.9% of the votes; the PNV manages to add one tenth and reaches 1.4%; JxCat remains unchanged at 1.2%; EH Bildu loses three tenths and falls to 0.8%; and the CUP also stands at 0.8%.

overall suspense

None of the six national leaders for whom the CIS asks achieve approval. Not even the second vice president and leader of United We Can, Yolanda Diaz, which for months was above 5. In this case, it has fallen to 4.91. Feijóo, which was asked for the first time in April and obtained a 5.20, has already fallen to 4.75. Behind, Pedro Sánchez (4.31), Inigo Errejon (3.95), Ines Arrimadas (3.56) and, in last position, Santiago Abascal (2.83).

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