Circle of Seven charity golf tournament returns raising money for the community

Essex Golf Club is hosting a charity memorial golf tournament on June 27.

It is a continuation of the 25-year tradition of the Circle of Seven – helping those in need in Windsor-Essex. The philanthropic organization has raised over $4 million since its inception.

Money raised stays in the Windsor-Essex community, going towards worthy causes such as health and wellness initiatives, youth sports and the arts — all of which do not already receive government monetary assistance.

For members of Essex Golf Club, helping to raise money to give back to the community is a priority.

Rob Agnew is one of the founding members of the Circle of Seven.

“It’s those golfers that raise the bulk of the funds — we’re just a facilitator,” said Agnew. “Now, we’ve enhanced our website and we’re gaining some exposure throughout the city and we encourage everyone to go to circle-of-seven-dot-com if they’d like to help on their own. We’d love to have their help.”

The tournament is a reprise to the day, 25 years ago, when the Circle of Seven formed at Essex Golf Club. It is also a memorial to three members lost: John Ferguson, Ed Agnew & Robert (Knobby) Knudsen.

In addition to the charity golf event, the Circle of Seven also participates in other charity events throughout the calendar year.

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